Highlighted Projects

Mass Graves Investigation Team

Regime Crimes Liaison Office/Mass Graves Investigation Team

From 2003 to 2007, MCX-CMAC collaborated with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Regime Crimes Liaison Office (RCLO) to provide forensic support to other agencies and mass graves investigations and to assist with the prosecution of former Iraqi Regime members for crimes against humanity. MCX-CMAC performed technical field mapping, subsurface investigations, excavated nine (9) mass graves sites, collected evidence from human remains, cultural items including documents, and integrated spatial, digital, and forensic data for published reports and court testimony.

African Burial Ground

African Burial Ground

MCX-CMAC served as technical advisors to GSA during the final analysis and reburial of four hundred enslaved African and African-American individuals recovered from a seventeenth century cemetery in Lower Manhattan. MCX-CMAC specialists provided diverse technical support, including physical anthropological review, reburial planning, project oversight, management of technical reports production, rehabilitation and organization of project artifact collections, and development of curatorial and records management plans.

U.S. Army Central Identification Laboratory/Hawaii

U.S. Army Central Identification Laboratory/Hawaii (CILHI)

During approximately six years in the mid-to-late 1990s archaeologists from MCX-CMAC assisted CILHI, which was under the Joint POW-MIA Accounting Command (JPAC), in the search for, excavation of, and recovery of missing military personnel in Southeast Asia. These efforts focused on individuals involved in the Vietnam War in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. During that period MCX-CMAC archaeologists participated in over 85 recovery missions and 130 recovery excavations, resulting in the positive identification of at least 31 military personnel.

Kennewick Man

Kennewick Man

MCX-CMAC experts helped mitigate Kennewick Man, a set of prehistoric human skeletal remains discovered on Corps land along the Columbia River in Washington. MCX-CMAC assessed the remains, provided curation and conservation guidelines, oversaw the management and study of the remains, and offered testimony before U.S. Courts. [More information on the Kennewick Man]

Additional Projects