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Lock and Dam 25 is located in Calhoun County, Illinois, and Lincoln County, Missouri, at approximately Mile 241.4 on the Upper Mississippi River above the mouth of the Ohio River near Winfield, Missouri. Proposed project features include construction of new 1200-foot, pile founded, lock located in the auxiliary miter gate bay, and construction of an upstream, ported guard wall totaling 1200 feet, and a 650-foot downstream approach wall. The existing 600-foot lock remains in place and will become auxiliary lock chamber to be used primarily by recreation traffic. The project also includes associated channel work, relocations and site-specific environmental mitigation. The majority of the Upper Mississippi River locks were designed and constructed in the 1930’s and the lock chambers are 600-ft. long. The 600-ft. lock chamber cause significant average delays to navigation because of double lockages required for tows larger than 600-ft.The new1200-foot lock will significantly reduce delays and increase safety. The combination of ecosystem and navigation in a single U.S. Army Corps of Engineers program required many years of coordination with both the navigation and ecosystem partners and it will alter the future of the Upper Mississippi River System to ensure it remains the vital transportation and ecosystem corridor for the next 100 plus years.
Engineers Far From Ordinary: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in St. Louis takes a look at the story of the St. Louis District beginning with the rich and legendary history of the river as well as the modern history of the District’s innovations in response to the challenges of simultaneously maintaining and regulating navigation, protecting again flooding, and protecting the environment.
America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Interagency Passes are available for purchase at St. Louis District Lake Offices and Visitor Centers.

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Kaskaskia Solar Eclipse
Please join us at the Kaskaskia River Project on Monday, April 8, 2024, for the solar eclipse. Eclipse glasses, one per person, will be available for those joining us while supplies last. The Project,...
Groundbreaking ceremony to mark the start of sanitary sewer trunkline rehabilitation project
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District, along with the city of Cahokia Heights and other officials, held a groundbreaking ceremony today, to celebrate the start of the sanitary sewer...
Corps of Engineers, Cahokia Heights host groundbreaking ceremony
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District, along with the city of Cahokia Heights and other officials, will hold a groundbreaking ceremony Monday, April 1, to celebrate the start of the...
Installation of Wayside Exhibits at Wappapello Lake
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Wappapello Lake invites you to come out and see some of the new interpretive wayside exhibits that have been recently installed. These exhibits are located along...
Carlyle Lake receives national water safety award
The U.S. Army Corps f Engineers, St. Louis District’s, Carlyle Lake was recently recognized as the 2024 USACE National Water Safety Team of the Year for their exceptional efforts in promoting water...

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The St. Louis District is responsible for maintaining a navigation channel nine feet deep and 300 feet wide on 300 miles of the Mississippi River from Saverton, Missouri, to Cairo, Illinois. We are also responsible for maintaining a navigation channel on the lower 80 miles of the Illinois River as well as the lower 36 miles of the Kaskaskia River. Strategically situated at the crossroads of three major river systems, the St. Louis District is also located at the critical transition point on the Mississippi River where it is a “locking river” north of St. Louis and the “open river” from St. Louis on south.