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Forensic Archaeology

Forensic Archaeology is a specialized discipline within the broader field of Forensics that applies archaeological techniques and methods to assist in the location, recovery, and documentation of evidence (which includes human remains) within a legal context.

MCX-CMAC has the demonstrated ability to support other agencies in forensic archaeological endeavors, including the recovery of the remains of soldiers missing in action and the investigation of mass graves sites throughout the world.  MCX-CMAC can mobilize quickly within a military or civilian organization for archaeological excavation and data recovery, forensic data collection, design of on-site forensic evaluation facilities, and document/records recovery and management.  MCX-CMAC assisted the Army POW/MIA program (JPAC) for six years in SE Asia.  Beginning in 2003, MCX-CMAC collaborated with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Regime Crimes Liaison Office (RCLO) to prepare evidence for the prosecution of former Iraqi Regime members for crimes against humanity.  MCX-CMAC performed technical field mapping, subsurface investigations, excavated mass graves sites, collected evidence from human remains, cultural items and documents, and integrated spatial, digital, and forensic data for published reports and court testimony.