Fact Sheet

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Forensic Archaeology


This specialized discipline within the broader field of forensics applies archaeological techniques and methods to assist in the location, recovery, and documentation of evidence (which includes human remains) within a legal context. International events in recent history have highlighted the need for governments to investigate and document human rights violations, including crimes against humanity. MCX CMAC has the capability to provide national and international forensic archaeological support to both military and civil works activities such as law enforcement recovery and analysis of individual or mass graves.

MCX CMAC’s position within the Army allows for the efficient deployment of technical staff with appropriate clearance during overseas contingency operations.  Staff are capable of organizing equipment and personnel for scene documentation, excavation, and recovery, as well as the development of expedient field laboratory facilities for the analysis of recovered remains, evidence processing, recordation, and repatriation.

MCX CMAC has experience working in military, law enforcement, and humanitarian environments, and adhering to accepted international standards.

Services Offered

MCX CMAC forensic archaeology capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Site location, excavation, and remains and evidence recovery
  • Physical anthropological and forensic assessments, review, and recovery
  • Evidence collection, management, and preparation of sensitive materials for court presentation