Fact Sheet

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Digital Solutions


As more records are being created electronically, new challenges in access and preservation must be met. In response, MCX CMAC developed processes for better managing, preserving, and providing access to digital records.


MCX CMAC offers a variety of services for electronic records and digital images, including:

  • Digitizing physical records (i.e., hard copies) in accordance with rigorous standards to ensure survival of original records
  • Providing greater access to digital materials through the creation of electronic record indices that enable faster and more accurate access to large volumes of existing electronic data
  • Scanning and digitization of records, including standard and oversized documents, and photographic formats (i.e., prints, negatives, and slides)
  • Development of file directory structures and naming conventions for electronic files
  • Migration and conversion of electronic files
  • Creation of customized retrieval systems to provide access to digital resources