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Engineering and Construction Division
USACE St. Louis District 
1222 Spruce St.
St. Louis, MO 63103

(314) 331-8200

Design Branch

The Design Branch of the St. Louis District has much Experience and Expertise in the following categories: Navigation including Locks and Dams; Flood Control including Levees, Floodwalls, Drainage Channels, Lakes, and Reservoirs; Specialized Expertise including Design of Lock and Dam PLC Control Systems, Design and Analysis of Steel Structures to Resist Fracture and Fatigue, Subversion and Instrumentation of all activities associated with tensioning of Miter Gate Diagonals, Inspection of Bridges, Pump Stations, Locks and Dams, and using Rope Access techniques for Inspection of Large Metal Structures.


-  Lock and Dam Structural Design to include Gates, Pile and Soil Founded Monoliths and Cofferdam design to include in-the-dry and in-the-wet construction features.

-  Mechanical and Electrical design of Lock and Dam as well as Pump Station features to include specialty in PLC.

-  Fracture and Fatigue  design, detailing, inspection and testing to include certified rope access techniques.

-  3D modeling of water Lock and Dam, Water Control Structures, Pump Stations and Gates.

-  Civil Engineering design of levees, flood control projects and environmental features using 3D modeling.

-  Cost Engineering expertise to include extensive MCASES experience and cost and schedule risk analysis using crystal ball software.