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Curation and Collections Management


Under Title 36, Part 79 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Curation of Federally-Owned and Administered Archaeological Collections, curation is defined as the management and preservation of material remains and associated records according to professional museum and archival practices.  As part of the federal government's effort to protect and preserve the Nation's cultural and archaeological resources, regulatory standards require that federal agencies provide curatorial services for archaeological collections.

MCX CMAC staff include curation and collections management specialists capable of providing expert guidance and advice for the proper storage, handling, management, and curation of archaeological collections and their associated documentation.  Staff also maintain and manage USACE-wide curation data.

Services Offered

  • Archaeological collections management, including facility assessments, collections assessments, collections processing (rehabilitation or upgrading), database development, and curation plans
  • Archives and records management, including recovery, processing, rehabilitation, and development of management plans for all media forms
  • Conversion and reformatting of hard copy records (e.g., paper and photographic records) to electronic or archival microfilm formats for preservation and access purposes
  • Secure transportation of archaeological and archival collections to and from curation storage facilities
  • Assisting federal agencies in identifying their archaeological and archival collections and securing curatorial services