Fact Sheet

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Archival Research (Intelligence-based)


MCX CMAC staff are trained to conduct archival research on virtually any topic of interest.  They have the capability to provide on-site historical, archaeological, and cartographic research including:

  • Intel-based cartographic research
  • Archaeological/heritage asset management
  • Mapping and GIS integration

Libraries, archival repositories, and records centers around the world hold a wealth of knowledge for researchers to discover, including information about the landscape and culture of other nations.   

Services Offered

  • Identification of repositories holding pertinent topical information
  • Coordination with repositories for the transfer of documents in their holdings
  • Travel to repositories to gather documents and pertinent data
  • Analysis and arrangement of documents and data in a logical order (based upon the customer's retrieval requirements)
  • Development of a retrieval system enabling customers to efficiently access the information compiled during research          
  • Providing documents and data in electronic formats, as well as in traditional paper formats (e.g., photographs and maps)