Public Notices

  • P-2948

    Expiration date: 5/16/2016

    The applicant, KU Development, LLC. has applied for a Department of the Army Permit for the project known as Haybarn Lane Tract (40 West Luxury Living). The applicant seeks authorization for the placement of fill material into a waters of the United States in conjunction with the enclosure/piping of approximately 1,075 linear feet of two intermittent and one ephemeral tributary to Creve Coeur Creek in Chesterfield, Missouri. The pipe is proposed to allow for development of the 14-acre tract for a proposed multi-family residential development. The Public Notice comment period opens April 26, 2016 and closes May 16, 2016.

  • P-2949

    Expiration date: 5/5/2016

    The applicant seeks authorization to conduct grading and piping operations within waters of the United States to enclose an unnamed intermittent and ephemeral tributary of the Meramec River, for the purpose of a residential development. The project site is on an 8.6-acre tract comprised of woodlands within an upland topography. The site contains two drainages which bisect the site, flowing from northeast to southwest, located in between Hawkins Fuchs Road and Interstate 55, in the City of St. Louis, Missouri. Project impacts include the piping enclosure of an unnamed intermittent and ephemeral tributary, consisting of 910 lineal feet of channel. This will facilitate residential lots, road crossings, and storm water discharge points. Written comments must be submitted by replying to this email or by mailing your comments to the address shown in the signature block, below. The Public Notice comment period opens on April 14, 2016, and closes on May 5, 2016.

  • P2943 to P2947

    Expiration date: 4/11/2016

    Wayne B. Smith, Inc., requests re-authorization to continue commercial sand and gravel dredging in previously permitted reaches and under the same previously authorized quantities, at specified locations near the right descending bank of the Mississippi River, between approximate river miles 277.6 to 285.2, near Louisiana, Pike County, Missouri. The Public Notice comment period opens on March 21, 2016, and closes on April 11, 2016.

  • P-2940

    Expiration date: 4/11/2016

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District proposes to construct the Boston Bar Bi-Op Project as part of its commitment to comply with Endangered Species Act requirements as part of our operation of the Regulating Works Project. The proposed action includes the removal of three existing dikes, notching an existing pile dike, construction of a new side channel enhancement dike (SCED), and creation of sandbar habitat adjacent to Boston Bar using dredge disposal material from future channel maintenance dredging that would occur within the immediate vicinity. Fill material would include approximately 2,114 cubic yards of quarry run limestone consisting of graded “A” stone for the new SCED and the removal of over 58,000 cubic yards of rock for removal and notching of the existing dikes. Boston Bar is located along the left descending bank of the Middle Mississippi River between River Miles 7.6 and 10.2, in Alexander County, Illinois, approximately 1.5 miles northwest of Cairo, Illinois, and 22.5 miles southeast of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Expiration date: 4/11/2016

  • P-2941

    Expiration date: 3/16/2016

    The applicant seeks approval from the Mitigation Bank Review Team (MBRT) which is composed of representatives from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to establish a wetland mitigation bank within the American Bottoms. The primary objective of the proposed mitigation bank is to restore, create, enhance and permanently protect 62.20 acres of three wetland types (51.82 acres Emergent, 3.56 acres Scrub Shrub and 6.82 acres Forested) as well as create and protect 5.00 acres of bottomland forest and 5.82 acres of tallgrass prairie buffer within a 72.74 acre site that is currently in agricultural production. If approved, the restoration, creation and enhancement activities will be performed generating credits from the environmental improvements and will be available for sale on an incremental basis as long as the mitigation bank meets its anticipated goals set forth in the banking document. Credits from the project will not be available for sale until documentation is provided by the bank sponsor that environmental restoration will proceed and written approval is granted by the Corps in consultation with the MBRT. The mitigation bank sponsor is developing the mitigation bank with the intent to sell the mitigation credits to recipients of Section 404 Permits who are required to compensate for unavoidable and adverse environmental impacts to waters of the United States. Specifically, the waters of the United States that will be compensated at the proposed bank include wetlands with emergent, scrub shrub and forested classifications. Upon request, a copy of the Mitigation Banking Prospectus is available for review in our office. The proposed wetland mitigation bank is located in the northeast portion of Granite City and is directly west of the new Morrison Road, connecting Lakeview Road to the intersection of Lake Drive and Breckenridge Lane. More specifically, the proposed mitigation bank is located within the Northwest ¼ of Section 3, Township 3 North, Range 09 West of the 3rd Principle Meridian, Madison County, Illinois. The Public Notice comment period opens on February 25, 2016, and closes on March 16, 2016.