Public Notices

  • P-3119

    Expiration date: 1/10/2019

    Illinois-American Water Company (ILWA) seeks authorization to expand their existing East Saint Louis water treatment facility (ESLWTF). ILWA purposes to install a new ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system along with a transfer pump station, 2 finished water storage tanks, high service pump station, and associated parking lots and driveways. This expansion will cover approximately 7.8-acres immediately south of the existing plant. The applicant proposes to build the new structures in an area with delineated forested wetland. The work will include clearing trees and grading to raise the ground elevation at each structure. The tree clearing will begin as soon as all authorizations are received and is proposed to be completed by March 31, 2019. The grading and construction of the structures are scheduled to begin in March 2019 with construction continuing until mid-2021. The project proposes to impact 5-acres of forested wetland. The entire 5-acres contains hydric soils, hydric vegetation and is a neighboring waters of the Mississippi River. Illinois-American Water Company has researched alternatives and has attempted to minimize impacts to the wetlands. However, the applicant stated that the impacts are unavoidable due to the need to utilize and develop the site abutting their existing facility. The applicant is exploring mitigation options within approved wetland mitigation banks. The site is located at Illinois-American Water’s East St. Louis Water Treatment Plant, southeast of the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge. The project site address is 800 North Front Street, East St. Louis, Illinois. The project is located in the Northeast ¼ of Section 11, Township 02 North, Range 10 West, St. Clair County. The Public Notice comment period opens on December 21, 2018, and closes on January 10, 2019.

  • P-3118

    Expiration date: 1/8/2019

    The Riverview Real Estate Company, LLC is applying for a Department of the Army Permit to conduct grading and filling in Waters of the U.S. to support a 44 acre mixed use Residential and Commercial Development. The project will include the filling of the entire 870 linear feet of intermittent Tributary A on-site and the entire 725 linear feet of ephemeral Tributary B on-site, in total filling all of the 1,595 linear feet of stream channels within the parcel. The proposed development consists of three separate land use areas. The northern portion of the tract will support a 13 acre multi-family housing with a center green space/”assembly area”. The majority of the southern portion of the tract is proposed to be a 25 acre single-family residential development. Along Bryan Road 5 lots suitable for commercial developments will be constructed within a 6 acre area with frontage along Bryan Road. Along the southern property boundary, two shallow pond areas that were excavated around 2005 in uplands were found to meet the definition of wetlands. These features are identified as Wetland A (0.24 acres) and Wetland B (0.30 acres), however as they have been man-made and excavated entirely in uplands our office is proposing to not regulate these features.

  • P-3116

    The Central Stone Company requests reauthorization to excavate accumulated sediment adjacent to their existing Florence Quarry barge loading terminal. Up to 2,500 cubic yards of accumulated sediment would be excavated periodically from an approximate 80-feet-wide by 400-feet-long area to ensure uninterrupted barge access. The excavated material would be trucked to an upland disposal area within the applicant’s existing quarry. The project area is located in the Northeast 1/4 of Section 10, Township 5 South, Range 2 West, near Pittsfield, in Pike County, Illinois. Excavation would occur near the right descending bank of the Illinois River, at approximate river mile 57.3. Written comments must be received on or before December 26, 2018.

  • P-2628R

    Expiration date: 12/21/2018

    This project originally was placed on public notice in May 2007 and a Department of the Army Section 404 permit issued in February 2008. However, due to the economic recession, the project was never constructed. The applicant now wishes to proceed with the same single-family residential development and the previously proposed impacts remain unchanged. The applicant seeks authorization to fill two unnamed tributaries to facilitate grading for roadway and lot development associated with the construction of a residential subdivision known as Brookstone (previously named Swantner Tract). The unnamed tributaries flow into McCoy Creek, a tributary to the Cuivre River, which flows to the Mississippi River. The project area is located southeast of Swantner Road and Point Prairie Road in Wentzville, in Section 3, Township 47 North, Range 1 East, St. Charles County, Missouri. The comment period opens November 30, 2018 and closed December 21, 2018.

  • P-3115

    Expiration date: 12/19/2018

    Mitigation Banks are one of a number of practicable options available to applicants to compensate for unavoidable impacts to waters of the United States that are associated with permits issued under the authority of Sections 404 and 401 of the Clean Water Act and Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899. The accompanying Little Muddy Wetland and Stream Mitigation Bank- Addendum 1 prospectus outlines the circumstances and manner in which this Mitigation Bank will provide a compensatory mitigation option to permit applicants under the Corps permit program. The use of the Mitigation Bank to compensate for unavoidable impacts to aquatic resources is a decision of the Corps of Engineers and there is no guarantee that any particular individual or general permit will be granted authorization because of proposed use of this Mitigation Bank. Wetlands Forever, Inc. (bank sponsor) proposes to establish a mitigation bank within the Big Muddy Watershed, under the mitigation rule as a compensatory wetland and stream mitigation option in Illinois. The primary objective of the proposed mitigation bank is to restore, enhance and permanently protect forested and emergent wetlands, as well as protect and enhance a 7,445-foot reach of the Little Muddy River and its riparian corridor. The mitigation bank will be constructed in two phases. Phase 1 (South Phase) as proposed is 108.00 acres in size and will be developed along the Little Muddy River, comprising 45.98 acres of forested wetlands, 2.0 acres of emergent wetlands, 13.0 acres of preserved forested wetlands, and 51.0 acres of stream riparian corridor. Phase 2 (North Phase) as proposed is 51.00 acres in size and will be developed along the Little Muddy River comprising of 22.0 acres of forested wetlands, 7.0 acres of forested preservation and 22.0 acres of streambank riparian corridor. Both phases will also provide stream stabilization measures and aquatic habitat enhancement. The mitigation bank when fully completed would contain 140.5 wetland credits for the restored, enhanced, and site protected wetland resources, and 64,989 stream credits for the stream and riparian buffer enhancement work. The credits will be available for compensating impacts that occur within the geographic service area of the bank. If approved, the restoration and enhancement activities will be performed generating credits from the environmental improvements and will be available for sale on an incremental basis as long as the mitigation bank meets its anticipated goals set forth in the banking document. Credits from the project are not available for sale until documentation is provided by the bank sponsor that environmental restoration will proceed and written approval is granted by the Corps in consultation with the MBRT. The mitigation bank sponsor is developing the mitigation bank with the intent to sell the mitigation credits to recipients of Section 404 Permits who are required to compensate for unavoidable and adverse environmental impacts to waters of the United States. Specifically, the waters of the United States that will be compensated at the proposed bank include wetlands with emergent, scrub shrub and forested classifications, as well as stream impacts. Upon request, a copy of the Mitigation Banking Prospectus is available for review in our office. Written comments must be submitted by replying by electronic mail, or written mail to the addresses shown in the signature block. The Public Notice comment period opens on November 20, 2018, and closes on December 19, 2018.