Levee Safety Documents

Closure Structure Operation Plan: Electronic version for a proposed operational plan to install a closure structure in the event of an emergency.

Flood Damage Reduction Inspection Checklist

Guidance for CCTV and Sonar Inspection Pipes Penetrating Levees

Guidelines for Landscape Planting and Vegetation

Guidance for Visual Inspection Pipes Penetrating Levees

Interim Policy for Rehabilitation Program

Levee Owner’s Manual for Non-Federal Control Works: A reference document for levee sponsors on operation and maintenance practices and guidelines.

Pipe Inspections: Why Are They Important? – The USACE Levee Safety Program performs inspections in order to assess and communicate the risk associated with the Nation's levees. These inspections require levee sponsors perform video or visual inspections of pipes passing through or under the levee system.

Procedure for Request of a Vegetation Variance

Semi-Annual Maintenance Frequency Report: Electronic version of the semi-annual maintenance log that is to be submitted to USACE every January 15th and June 15th.

Sponsor's Guide to the USACE Levee Safety Program

Standard Operating Procedure: Inspection, Maintenance and Mechanical Rehabilitation of Relief Wells

St. Louis District Emergency Operations

St. Louis District Levee Rehabilitation

St. Louis District Regulatory

System-Wide Improvement Frameworks (SWIFs): USACE process for providing levee sponsors an opportunity to address risk associated with levee systems in a collaborative risk-based procedure.

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