Archive: June, 2022
  • 2021-276

    Expiration date: 7/15/2022

    The applicant, Harvest Hopewell LLC, seeks authorization to conduct grading and filling operations in waters of the United States to facilitate the construction of a residential development named Harvest, including associated roadways and infrastructure. The Northern half of the site is bisected by a tributary of Dardenne Creek. The Southern half of the site drains directly to Dardenne Creek. There are four jurisdictional waters which will be impacted by this development. The proposed development is located on approximately 270 acres in Section 8, Township 46 North, Range 2 East, near the city of Wentzville, St. Charles County, Missouri. Specifically, located off Hopewell Road, Latitude: N 38.749943, Longitude: W -90 829570. An NRHP-eligible farmstead is located within the project boundary and the applicant indicated it cannot be avoided. Because avoidance cannot be achieved, the District has found “Historic Properties Adversely Affected” for the Harvest Residential Development project. To resolve the adverse effects to the Welker farmstead, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) will be developed. Mitigation will minimally include NRHP level recordation of the Welker farmstead. In advance of the MOA development, the Welker farmstead will be photo documented, which will be part of the NRHP level recordation. The public comment opens June 27th, 2022 and closes July 15th, 2022.

  • 2010-79

    Expiration date: 6/24/2022

    SCF Lewis & Clark Fleeting LLC seeks approval to establish a 12-barge fleet at the former Casino Queen mooring site, near the left descending bank of the Mississippi River, at approximate River Mile 179.9, in St. Clair County, Illinois. The comment period is open from June 3, 2022, through June 24, 2022.