Regulatory Branch


Published Sept. 9, 2016
Expiration date: 9/30/2016

The City of St. Peters proposes to retrofit the existing Sun River Village detention basin to increase flood storage, decrease peak flows with outlet restriction and reduce downstream streambank erosion.  Water quality will be improved with filtration through a sand filter in the basin and drain tile that will provide for base flows to the improved low flow channel/receiving stream.  A low flow channel/high flow pipe system will be constructed from the outlet of the Sun River Village basin to the existing culvert (piped section).  The high flow pipe and stream concept is designed by the applicant to mimic pre-development hydrology, will manage debris load, and reduce downstream clogging, removing potential for downstream floods due to debris jams.  The design also includes the creation of stream and floodplain on the downstream segment of the project (Ferber property) to manage peak flow reduction and short-term flood storage.  The increase in stream channel length will provide increased sinuosity, will use stable natural channel protection alternatives, will have longer duration base flow and will provide an overall uplift to aquatic stream resource values.  The public notice comment period opens September 9, 2016 and ends September 30, 2016.