Regulatory Branch


Published April 21, 2023
Expiration date: 5/13/2023

The applicant, Oakley’s of St. Louis, requests Department of the Army permit authorization to leave in place a work area used for the reconstruction of the Merchants Bridge.  Now that the Merchants Bridge project is complete, the applicant seeks to utilize the authorized fill and infrastructure for the operation of a liquid fertilizer dock.   The purpose for this river project is for transload of liquid fertilizer from barge to inland storage tanks, while utilizing current infrastructure.   The project would involve altering the current configuration to allow for barges to protrude further away from the bank than the current configuration.  The project area is located on the right descending bank of Mississippi River mile 182.5, St. Louis County.  Specifically, the site can be found in Township 3 North, Range 10 West, at approximate latitude 38.4002 and longitude -90.1112.  The Public Notice comment period is open from April 21, 2023 through May 13, 2023.   You may submit comments by individual e-mail message or by mailing them to the address in the notice.