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Native Species Restoration

Ozark Chinquapin Chestnut

At one time, the Ozark Chinquapin was a staple of in both the Wappapello and Southern Missouri forests. However, due to poor management and the introduction of the Chestnut blight in our area, this majestic tree is a very rare sight. In the spring of 2012, the Natural Resources department received five seeds from The Ozark Chinquapin Foundation to plant on Corps property. Unfortunately, probably due to the unusual drought conditions during the summer of 2012, none of the initial trees survived. Seven more seeds were planted in the same location during February 2013. As of November 2013, four seedlings had sprouted and have reached a height of six inches or higher.

American Chestnut

The American chestnut population was severally hurt by the chestnut blight and efforts have been made to restore it to our forest through a hybrid breeding program using the blight resistant Chinese chestnut species. The breeding programs objectives are to transfer blight resistance while maintaining the American chestnuts desirable characteristics. This is done through generational back breeding resulting in a 15/16th American chestnut seed. Wappapello Lake received a significant number of American 15/16th Chestnut seeds at the same time we received the second set of Chinquapin seeds. We currently have 10 seeds planted on an open area loading decks created by the timber programs operations as part of the reforestation efforts. There are an additional 32 seeds planted in additional open forest areas on Corps property as well. In addition, there are 65 seeds planted in nursery conditions with the intention of planting any viable seedlings in areas to be reforested. These trees will help promote a more diverse native tree population in Wappapello Corps forests.

The newly implemented timber management program reflects the Wappapello Corps of Engineers Lake management’s commitment and desire to promote and maintain the area’s natural resources through good stewardship practices. This is only one example of the Natural Resources Department’s many programs used to promote our resources and public outdoor recreation activities.

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