Peer Review Plans


Rio Guanajibo Validation Study Review Plan

Rio Guanajibo Supplemental Project Review Plan

Melvin Price Locks and Dam Main Lock Lift Gate Replacement Project

Melvin Price Locks and Dam Main Lock Overlook Alterations Project

Review Plan for Wappapello Lake (MO30204)  – IES

Review Plan for the Alton to Gale Organized Levee Districts

Review Plan for the Alton Pool Island Restoration

Review Plan for the Bois Brule Levee and Drainage District

Review Plan for the Cape Girardeau Flood Protection System Reconstruction

Review Plan for the Chain of Rocks Ditch Work Phase II

Review Plan for the Clarence Cannon National Wildlife Refuge

Review Plan for the East St. Louis, IL Flood Protection Project

Review Plan for the Godar Glades Wetland Complex

Review Plan for the Harlow and Open River Islands HREP

Review Plan for the Kaskaskia River Basin Feasibility Study

Review Plan for the Lake Lou Yeager Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration

Review Plan for the Lock 27 Major Rehabilitation

Review Plan for the Melvin Price Wood River Under Seepage

Review Plan for Metro East St. Louis Levee Systems Modification (Section 408)

Review Plan for the Monarch Chesterfield Levee

Review Plan for the Monarch Chesterfield Semi Quantitative Risk Assessment

Review Plan for the Nutwood Drainage and Levee District

Review Plan for Piasa and Eagle's Nest Islands

Review Plan for the Prairie Du Pont Levee & Sanitary District & Fish Lake Drainage and Levee District Underseepage Design Deficiency Correction Study

Review Plan for the Regulating Works Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS)

Review Plan for the Rio Grande de Arecibo Supplemental Project

Review Plan for the Rip Rap Landing Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Project

Review Plan for Routine Operations and Maintenance Products

Review Plan for the Spunky Bottoms Ecosystem Restoration (Section 1135)

Review Plan for St. Louis Flood Protection

Review Plan for the St. Louis Riverfront, Missouri and Illinois, Meramec River Ecosystem Restoration

Review Plan for Sainte Genevieve Missouri

Review Plan for the Ted Shanks Conservation Area Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Project

Review Plan for the Wood River Design Deficiency Correction Project


 Draft Project Implementation Report for NESP Pool 24 Islands
 River Des Peres University City General Reevaluation Report with Environmental Assessment



 St. Louis Riverfront - Meramec River Basin Ecosystem Restoration
 IEPR (Independent External Peer Review) Reports

Environmental Assessments


PL84-99 Darst Levee Repair 2019

NESP Twin Islands Draft Report

Dogtooth Bend Emergency Construction Draft EA

Draft EA Kuhs Levee Repair PL84-99

Minion Point Flexpipe BiOp EA 2020

Draft EA MTL South Fork Island Erosion Protection


Elsberry/King’s Lake PL 84-99 EA 2019 Flood

Bluffdale Farms PL84-99 2019 Repairs Draft EA

Elm Point PL 84-99 EA 2019 Flood

Wappapello Lake Hwy D Road Relocation

Sainte Genevieve #2 PL 84-99 2019 Draft EA

Bois Brule Levee Borrow Area Supplement EA

Rend Lake 36-Inch Water Main Final EA Oct 2018

Belleville, IL CSO EA

Wood River, IL CSO EA

Draft Carlyle Lake Road Relocation EA

Carlyle Lake Shoreline Erosion EA

DRAFT EA - Augusta Bottoms Levee PL 84-99 2017 Repairs

DRAFT EA - Shelbyville Private Road Real Estate Land Easements

DRAFT EA - Ameren USACE Land Exchange

Lower Wood River Design Deficiency Corrections SEA

Jerry F Costello Lock and Dam Scour Repair EA

Red Rock Landing Phase 6 Draft Environmental Assessment

Regulating Works Project - Draft Supplemental EA

USACE-USFS Land Interchange, Wappapello Lake, MO

Mud Creek EA and FONSI 2015 and 2017 PL 84-99 Repairs

RPO Forest Management EA and FONSI

DRAFT Elm Point EA and FONSI PL 84-99 2015 Repairs

Burnham Island Sandbar Creation Project

EA for Ste. Genevieve County Levee District Repair Work under PL 84-99

Carlyle Lake Nature Trail Draft EA Nov 2016

DRAFT Foley EA and FONSI PL 84-99 2015 Repairs

Howard Bend Levee District EA and FONSI

Lakeside 370 Draft EA and FONSI PL 84-99 2015 Repair

EA and FONSI Chouteau Island D&LD PL 94-99 Repairs

Kuhs Levee District Repairs PL 84-99 DRAFT EA and FONSI

Regulating Works Grand Tower Phase 5 Final

Regulating Works Dogtooth Bend Phase 6 Final EA

Acquisition of Inholding Land Parcels Wappapello Lake Project Draft Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment - Brevator Drainage District Levee Repairs

Wood River Levee System Limited ReevaluationReport Design Deficiency Corrections Environmental Assessment

Boston Bar Side Channel Restoration & Island CreationProject Draft Environmental Assessment

Draft EA - Melvin Price Reach of the Wood River Levee Underseepage Design Deficiency Corrections Project

Mosenthein Ivory Landing Phase 5 Final EA and FONSI with Appendices

Lock and Dam 25 Overflow Dike Scour IRRM Draft EA and Unsigned FONSI

Cora Island Missouri River Recovery Project - Project Implementation Report with Integrated Environmental Assessment

Eliza Point Greenfield Bend Phase 3 Final EA FONSI and Appendices

Revision of the Wappapello Lake Water Control Plan, St. Francis River Basin - Final Environmental Assessment with Signed FONSI

 Port of East St. Louis Environmental Assessment
 Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, Draft General Reevaluation Report and Environmental Assessment