Regulatory Branch


Published July 3, 2024
Expiration date: 7/23/2024

The applicant completed clearing and grubbing within the footprint of the project as well as partial dam construction onsite, in April 2023, prior to the Corps involvement. The proposal includes excavation activities within the 14-acre tract of land for the creation of a 10-acre lake and dam, for private recreational use. Approximately 42,000 cubic yards of borrow material will be excavated from the site and used to create the dam. No material is being brought into or is being taken off the site and the constructed dam will be approximately 16 feet high with a normal pool elevation of 708-feet. The project will impact approximately 1,640 linear feet of an unnamed tributary to Dry Creek. The impacts include 120 feet of fill on the downstream end of the site for the dam and approximately 1,520 linear feet of the tributary will be inundated by the normal pool level.