Regulatory Branch


Published Aug. 29, 2023
Expiration date: 9/30/2023

The proposed 32 barge fleet includes the installation of two deadmen anchor structures for mooring. The deadmen anchors would be constructed by excavating 12’ x 12’ holes in the riverbank approximately 250' from the MESD levee. Each deadmen structure would be reinforced with steel I-Beams with 2-1/2" diameter anchor chains and backfilled with approximately 40 yards of concrete. Anchor chains would be attached to a proposed 35’ x 195' captive barge. The fleet would be arranged in an 8-barge-wide by 4-barge-long configuration, with a proposed maximum capacity of 32 barges. The captive barge, to be located in the most upstream row would be positioned closest to the bankline to hold the remaining 31 barges in the fleet. The fleet would be approximately 280 feet wide x 800 feet long, running parallel to the left descending bank. The measurement from the upstream bow of the fleet to the Stan Musial Bridge would be approximately 1100' and the measurement from the downstream stern of the fleet to the bridge would be approximately 300'. No explosives or hazardous material are proposed to be stored in the fleeting area. In addition, a tug will be stationed in the fleeting area 7 days a week.