Regulatory Branch

2019-606 MOD

Published Dec. 2, 2022
Expiration date: 12/23/2022

Proposal: The applicant seeks a modification to a previous authorization, issued in May of 2021, to conduct grading and filling operations within waters of the United States to facilitate the construction of an open space, adjacent to the previously authorized 15.5-acre fill.  The previous authorization was for the construction of mixed-use structures.  The newly proposed modifications are to 39.7-acres of forested wetlands, 5160 linear feet of perennial stream, and 32 linear feet of intermittent stream to create a publicly accessible green space, providing wide vistas, containing a prominent central water feature, and to make the proposed mixed-use Riverpointe Development function as originally intended.  To create the open space, the proposal includes the elimination of the previously proposed 20-foot tall, 5,840 linear foot retaining wall, while relocating Crystal Springs Creek an average of 188 linear feet to the southeast.  The relocated, gently meandering channel, approximately 3,500 feet long, will connect a 3.7-acre stream and wetland shelf at the south end with a 2.2-acre lake at the north end.  Existing trails will be enhanced and/or rerouted, and potential recreational use of the area will be expanded.  A restoration plan, with native plantings and habitat creation, will be followed, and a management plan will be established for long term maintenance of the project.

Location: The project area is located near Bangert Island, east of Arena Parkway, south of the I-70 bridge and west of the Missouri River in St. Charles, Missouri. More specifically, the project is in Sections 5 & 8, Township 46 North, Range 05 East. Approximate coordinates: 38.7595 latitude, -90.4951 lon

Comments: The Public Notice comment period is open from December 2, 2022 through December 23, 2022.  You may submit comments by individual e-mail message or by mailing them to the address in the signature line, below.