Published Oct. 20, 2022
Expiration date: 11/9/2022

NorthPoint Development LLC, seeks authorization to conduct grading and filling operations within waters of the United States to facilitate the construction of four industrial warehouses and logistics buildings (three single load facilities and one cross dock facility).  In addition to the warehouses, the development includes access, parking, loading/unloading areas, landscaping and stormwater retention basins. There are three jurisdictional waters located within the project site: Cowmire Creek, Dunn Creek and Tributary 2. Total stream impacts to onsite water total 5,221 linear feet. The site is located along Garner Lane in the City of Hazelwood at approximately 38.7948 N, -90.4161 E.

The Public Notice comment period is open from October 20, 2022 through November 9, 2022.