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Water Safety

The Corps of Engineers is the largest provider of water based recreation activities in the nation. Water safety education is important part of the recreation mission of the Corps. Over 370 million visitors come to the 420 lake and river projects each year. We want every single visitor to arrive home safely. There are multiple ways to gain knowledge about water safety, you can arrange for a ranger led program or use water safety material that has been produced and available on the national level. Below are some of the nationally produced water safety materials. Click on the one(s) you would like to learn more about.

Please contact us at 217 774 3951 ext. 7047 or email for further information.

 Bobber The Water Safety Dog
Bobber is a water safety mascot for the Corps of Engineers. He is a very active dog and has many opportunities to educate children how to be safe around water. We have water safety activity books available at the visitor center. There also are cartoons and activities available online at
 National Water Safety Program
National Water Safety Program Website -