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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Volunteer Clearinghouse is a nationwide, toll free hotline number (1-800-865-8337) for individuals who are interested in volunteering with the Corps. By calling the hotline a potential volunteer can express interest in any Corps project nationwide. The Clearinghouse in turn gives the individual a point of contact for the area they have requested, as well as written information about volunteer opportunities there. Callers should be ready to provide information about their interests, talents, and the locations they may want to volunteer. The Clearinghouse also works from the opposite direction. Corps employees needing volunteers can call or send their volunteer vacancies to the Clearinghouse so the information will be available to anyone interested. The hotline serves as a match-maker, pairing up skilled, enthusiastic workers with Corps employees who can use their services, providing both with a memorable experience. By providing such a valuable service, the Clearinghouse boosts the Corps of Engineers volunteer program as a whole. The Corps, which is the steward of almost 12 million acres of land and water, offers many volunteer opportunities in recreation and natural resources management.

These include: 
  • Trail building and maintenance
  • Being a Campground Host
  • Building Wildlife Habitats

Download a volunteer application for Carlyle Lake Corps of Engineers