Carlyle Lake

Carlyle Lake Geocaches
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Before You Go:
Mobile Device
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GPS Unit
Visit to create a free account to begin your outdoor adventure. Using your postal code, this website will allow you to find geocaches near you. Each individual geocache provides coordinates you can enter or download into your GPS unit.
Rules of Geocaching:
  • If you take something from the cache, leave something of equal or greater value
  • Sign the cache log book or sheet
  • Log your experience on the Geocaching App
  • Leave the cache exactly as you found it! (hidden of course!)
There are 12 Corps of Engineers managed geocaches hidden around Carlyle Lake. Each cache has been placed in locations rich in history, wildlife, and habitat for your enjoyment. Using either a GPS unit or the Geocaching App on a mobile device, insert the coordinates of any one of the geocaches to begin your journey!
Tamalco Access Hickory Hollow
N 38 46.156' W 089 15.438' N 38 37.794' W 089 17.925'
Burnside Elmwood Access
N 38 39.868' W 089 18.692' N 38 38.562' W 089 15.707'
Pollinator Garden Coles Creek
N 38 37.634' W 089 21.789' N 38 39.527' W 089 16.103'
Willow Pond Boulder
N 38 37.553' W 089 21.731' N 38 41.817' W 089 13.884'
East Spillway Whitetail Access
N 38 36.963' W 089 21.308' N 38 43.172' W 089 12.876'
Chipmunk Nature Trail
N 38 36.884' W 089 20.442'