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Students and adults may learn about environmental stewardship, hydroelectricity, and water safety at Mark Twain Lake. Special requests for bats, prairies, or eagles may be presented as well as a host of others. Reservations for special request programs may be made by calling the Visitor Center at (573) 565-2112.

Campground programs are available on Saturday nights throughout the summer. Please check the events calendar and the campground bulletin boards periodically for the latest information regarding campfire and ranger programs.


Clarence Cannon Power Plant

Why is Clarence Cannon Power Plant an Exceptional Resource? About 1/4 of the nations hydroelectricity is derived from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers facilities.

Hydropower plants are responsive and can be brought online to add power to the distribution grid in minutes to meet a need, where nuclear or fossil fuel power plants can take hours to power up. Oil, coal, or nuclear power takes a day or more to power up and be brought online.

Clarence Cannon Power Plant is a peaking plant (designed to supply dependable power during hours of "peak" daily demand), which helps reduce energy shortages.

During 2004, Clarence Cannon Power Plant was available to meet peak loads 98.85% of the time.

Clarence Cannon Power Plant can generate electricity at all hours of the day.

The water used to generate electricity is renewable.

Clarence Cannon Power Plant provides enough electricity annually for 20,000 households.

For Dam Release Info Call: (866) 494-1993

How does Hydropower work?

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