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Water Safety

Swimming Smarts

1. Buddy Up– make sure you never swim alone
2. Know your limits– do not try to swim further than you are able to, or hold your breath
3. Swim in designated areas
4. Life Jackets– wear a life jacket if you cannot swim and while on a boat
5. Cold and Ice are not nice– do not enter water and stay off the ice
6. Reach or throw don’t go– to assist someone in trouble reach to them with a pole, broom or stick, you can also throw something such as a cooler or ball
7. Follow the rules– when swimming follow posted rules and warning flags
8. Do not use alcohol while swimming, diving, or boating- alcohol impacts your judgment , balance and coordination, affects your swimming and diving skills and reduces your body’s ability to stay warm
9. Feet first– never dive into shallow or unknown water
10. Learn to Swim!