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Overview: Mark Twain Lake has 240 miles of boundary that are marked by a series of boundary signs and blue paint on trees which are directly on or near the property boundary line. The most common situations relating to boundary problems involve private construction on flowage easement land, the cutting of trees and under story vegetation, off road vehicular use and the placement of personal property upon project lands and waters.

Boundary maintenance is an important aspect of protecting your public land for generations to come. Look for the No Hunting, Waterfowl Refuge, and Boundary Signs along with the Blue paint markters.

Options for Landowners

Flowage Easement Permits: Flowage easement interest was purchased for 9,740 acres to obtain the right to periodically flood these lands to achieve the project flood control benefits. The Government administers a permit program for structures on flowage easement lands.

Firebreak Maintenance Permit: In order to alleviate potential problems associated with fire hazards to private residence located to public lands, special use permits may be issued on an annual basis to adjacent landowners. Permitees will be allowed to mow public lands within a 100 feet radius of the primary residence. This does not include detached garages, barns, buildings, storage sheds, corrals, or other structures which are not utilized as primary habitation.

Boundary Line/Fence Maintenance Permit: In order to facilitate construction of a new fence sharing a common boundary line with Corps of Engineers lands, special use permits may be issued to permit limited vegetative clearing on public lands.


Lake Map 

Satellite Image of Boundary