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Avoid and Minimize

In October 1992, the St. Louis District issued “Design Memorandum No. 24, Avoid and Minimize Measures, Melvin Price Locks and Dam, Upper Mississippi River - Missouri and Illinois”. The document was developed as a result of a commitment made in the 1988 Record of Decision associated with the Environmental Impact Statement for the Second Lock at Melvin Price Locks and Dam. The intent of the program was to reduce the possible environmental impacts of increased navigation traffic associated with construction of the second lock. Full-scale implementation of the program began in 1996. Direction of the program is coordinated through the River Resources Action Team which consists of state, federal, and private partners in both natural resources and river industry. Activities conducted under the A&M program include:

  • Development and monitoring of bendway weirs, chevron dikes, off bank revetment, multiple roundpoint structures, and other innovative river training structures
  • Installation of barge mooring facilities
  • Implementation of thalweg disposal of dredge material
  • Monitoring of pallid sturgeon in relation to river training structures
  • Modification of river training structures for habitat enhancement
  • Restoration of side channel habitat
  • Creation of least tern habitat
  • Study of tow waiting times
  • Study of fish movement through a lock and dam
  • Study of benthic invertebrate use of river training structures
  • Placement and monitoring of woody debris/woody structures
  • Development of a “biologist on board” program
  • Coordination of dredging and other activities with natural resource agencies

Annual reports detailing these and other A&M activities can be found below.


Unionid Mussel Habitat Construction/Creation Summary

Unionid Habitat Literature Review


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