Rivers Project


Bird Board 2011

Bird QTY Date Location Seen By
Red-necked Grebe 1 Dec-4 Ellis Bay  
Horned Grebe 17 Dec-4 Ellis Bay  
Short-eared Owl 1 Dec-6 Wise Road  
Western Grebe 1 Dec-9 Ellis Bay  
Tundra Swan 2 Dec-10 Teal Pond  
Trumpeter Swans 222 Dec-10 Teal Pond  
White-fronted Geese many Dec-10 Teal Pond  
Black Ducks 2 Dec-10 Heron Pond  
Thayers Gull 1st Cycle 1 Dec-10 Heron Pond  
Lesser Black-backed Gull 1 Dec-10 Heron Pond  
Long-tailed Duck 1 Dec-10 Heron Pond  
Horned Grebe N/A Dec-10 RMBS  
Black Scoter N/A Dec-10 Lincoln Shields  
American Kestrel 1 Dec-11 Behind Audubon Center  
Trumpeter Swans 328 Dec-12 RMBS  
Bald Eagle-Immature 1 Dec-18 Ellis Bay  
Greater Black-backed Gull 1 Dec-18 Dam Area  
Thayers Gull 2 Dec-18 Dam Area  
Long-tailed Duck 1 Dec-19 EDA  
Great Blue Heron N/A Dec-22 RMBS  
Buffleheads N/A Dec-22 RMBS  
Lesser Scaup N/A Dec-22 RMBS  
Common Goldeneye N/A Dec-22 RMBS  
Mallard N/A Dec-22 RMBS  
Trumpeter Swans N/A Dec-22 RMBS  
Canada Geese N/A Dec-22 RMBS  
Bald Eagle 1 Dec-22 RMBS  
Mourning Dove N/A Dec-22 RMBS  
Common Loon N/A Dec-22 RMBS  
Double-crested Cormorant N/A Dec-22 RMBS  
Ruddy Ducks N/A Dec-22 RMBS  
American Kestrel 1 Dec-22 RMBS  
Northern Harrier 1 Dec-23 Audubon Center  
Ring-billed Gulls many Dec-23 RMBS  
Trumpeter Swan 5 Dec-27 Heron Pond  
American White Pelican 1 Dec-28 Ellis Bay  
American Bald Eagle 2 Dec-28 Heron Pond  
Long-tailed Duck 1 Dec-28 Ellis Bay  
Lesser Black-backed Gull 1 Dec-28 Ellis Bay  
Goldeneye   Dec-28 Ellis Bay  
Tundra Swan   Dec-28 Ellis Bay  
Hooded Merganser   Dec-28 Teal Pond  
American Bald Eagle 1 Dec-29 Ellis Island  
Canvasback 1 Dec-29 Ellis Bay


Bird Board 2012

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