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2024 Small World Programs


January 16 – Small World Program: Winter Wonderland – 10 a.m.: Learn about the science of snow! Help the Park Rangers make it snow in the Visitor Center!


February 20 – Small World Program: Build Like a Beaver – 10 a.m.: Beavers are nature’s engineers! Learn all about beavers, then make your own beaver dam!


March 26 – Small World Program: Feeling Froggy – 10 a.m.: Go toad-ally crazy for tadpoles! Freak out for frogs! This program is all about frogs, their lifecycle, and their special sounds.


April 23 – Small World Program: Lights and Colors Fantastic – 10 a.m.: Learn all about rainbows and their beautiful colors!


May 21 – Small World Program: Animal Moms – 10 a.m.: Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day by learning about how animal parents take care of their babies.


June 18 – Small World Program: The Hungry Catepillar – 10 a.m.: Explore the butterfly life cycle then let’s go on a butterfly hunt! 


July 23 – Small World Program: Beach Day – 10 a.m.: Head to the South Sandusky Beach for a beach day just for kids! Play beach games and learn how to be safe!


August 20 – Small World Program: Sink or Float? – 10 a.m.: What materials sink or float, and why? Explore buoyancy and water!


September 17 – Small World Program: Birds & Their Beaks – 10 a.m.: There are so many kinds of bird beaks! Learn how different birds fill their bills!


October 29 – Small World Program: Trick or Treat the VC – 10 a.m.: Dress in up your favorite costume, meet some creepy critters, and trick or treat the VC!


November 19 – Small World Program: Pumpkin Patch – 10 a.m.: Pumpkins are the favorite fruit of fall! Wait, what a fruit? Learn all about pumpkins!


December 19 – Small World Program: Holiday Celebration – 10 a.m.: Santa and other special friends will pay a visit to the Rend Lake Visitor Center! First listen to special holiday stories, then make some ornaments for your tree, lastly meet Mr. Santa Claus himself!

*** Hosted at the Rend Lake Visitor Center every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10 a.m. Programs are designed for children 5 years old and younger, but all ages are welcome. Each theme is explored through a story, craft, and Ranger led activity!.