Dam West Recreation Area Volunteer Position Overview

This job requires the weekly operation of the Lake Shelbyville Dam West Recreation Area Fee Booth, which is open 3-4 days a week from the first weekend in May to the weekend after labor day. Volunteers are required to open and close the fee booth, answer visitor questions, provide any assistance, stop visitors as they enter and remind them of the rules of the beach and lake, and keep an accurate record of visitation. We expect this volunteer/couple to be helpful, polite, and welcoming to our visitors. This work schedule is very flexible, but Friday - Sunday is required. No fees will be collected at this booth due to the installment of new few machines at the boat ramp and beach. A predetermined full hook-up campsite is provided in exchange for 20 hours/week of volunteer work. To reach enough weekly hours, volunteers can pick up litter in the campground at which they are staying in.