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2017 Kaskaskia River Project Master Plan Update

The Kaskaskia River Project Master Plan update process is nearing the end. A final draft of the Kaskaskia River Project Master Plan is now available for public comment thru November 2018. Please find links below to view the draft plan.

The Corps of Engineers began soliciting feedback from partners, stakeholders, and the public beginning in 2016. The updated master plan incorporates a Watershed Approach among the three Corps projects located on the Kaskaskia River: Lake Shelbyville, Carlyle Lake, and the Kaskaskia River Project. All three project Master Plans began the update process in FY16 using a common approach to addressing issues.

Previously, the master plan for the Kaskaskia River Project was included as part of the Rivers Project Master Plan, which also includes: Pool 24, Pool 25, Pool 26 and Locks 27 on the Mississippi River; Kaskaskia Lock and Dam, and the Cache River Diversion Channel. The final product of the Kaskaskia River Project Master Plan will be the first stand alone document to address the Kaskaskia River Project on its own. Therefore, please be aware that the current master plan for the Kaskaskia River Project provided on this website is not all inclusive. It is simply the Kaskaskia River portion of the larger "Rivers Project" Master Plan.

Master Plan Public Workshop Schedule

The 2017 Kaskaskia River Project Master Plan has completed its internal review process. A draft plan is now available for the 30 day public comment period. A public meeting will be held to give the public the opportunity to comment on the draft plan. Comments will be reviewed and we will respond to each comment that is made. If corrections or additions need to be made to the draft, they will be completed at this time.

When: Wednesday November 7th, 2018 at 6:00pm

Where: Kaskaskia Regional Port District Office, 336 North Main St Red Bud, IL 62278

Who: Anyone interested in the 2017 Kaskaskia River Project Master Plan Update

Comments can be submitted at the public meeting or via mail or email using the comment card. Digital copies of the plan can be viewed using the links below. Hard copies of the plan are also available for review at the Kaskaskia Regional Port District Office and at the Chester Public Library (733 State Street Chester, IL 62233).

A hard copy will also be available at the Lower Kaskaskia Stakeholder, Inc. meeting on October 24th at 11:30am at the Evansville, IL KC Hall.

Master Plan Schedule

Final Draft Available for Comment October 16, 2018
Public Meeting at Kaskaskia River Port District Office November 7, 2018

Public Comment Period Ends

November 30, 2018

Final Draft Completion

December 1, 2018

Master Plan Update Approval

December 15, 2018

2017 Kaskaskia River Project Master Plan Draft

Current Kaskaskia River Project Master Plan


Draft Available for Comment

Where: Online or at announced public workshops

When: Thru November 2018

Who: Anyone Interested in the 2017 Kaskaskia River Project Master Plan Update


Mailing Address:
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Phone: (618) 284-7160
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