Steelville, MO, Flood Hazard Analysis and Mitigation Plan

Project Description: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is providing technical assistance to the City of Steelville, MO to conduct a flood hazard analysis of the Yadkin Creek watershed. The project is funded under the USACE Flood Plain Management Services program and is authorized by Section 206 of the 1960 Flood Control Act (P.L. 86-645), as amended. The program allows USACE to conduct small, conceptual studies for local communities with the objective of fostering public understanding of the options available to manage flood hazards and to promote prudent use and management of the nation's floodplains.

The City of Steelville is seeking to identify measures, if any, would be reasonable for the City to take as they anticipate a revised Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) that may expand the flood hazard area. Several businesses and homeowners may be impacted by the revised FIRM, both with the actual flood risk, as well as the economic impact of flood insurance requirements. The goal for the study is to evaluate flood risk reduction alternatives for the purpose of minimizing future flood damages to structures along Yadkin Creek.

The scope of work for this project includes an evaluation of flood prone sections of the Yadkin Creek watershed within the City of Steelville, a formulation of a mitigation plan identifying measures to reduce overall flood risk, and a conceptual cost estimate for identified features. Potential flood risk reduction measures include detention basins, channel modifications (including drainage culverts and low water crossings), and non-structural solutions (including acquisitions, floodproofing and elevating).

The study began in November 2022 and was completed in December 2023. A final report was delivered to the City of Steelville in December 2023.

Steelville Flood Plain Map

Steelville Flood Plain Map with Existing FEMA boundaries

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