Contact Information

Engineering and Construction Division
USACE St. Louis District 
1222 Spruce St.
St. Louis, MO 63103

(314) 331-8303 

Keith Short
Chief, Geospatial Engineering Branch
Phone:  314-331-8867

Ted Stanton
Chief, Geodesy/Photogrammetry Section
Phone: 314-331-8389

GeoSpatial Branch

    Geospatial Engineering Branch

    Our Mission:The Geospatial Engineering Branch provides rapid response, full service Geodesy, Cartographic, Hydrographic and Photogrammetric mapping support to civil works, military design, construction activities and environmental restoration programs.

    The Geospatial Engineering Branch maintains the technical capability and proficiency required for the planning, cost estimating, and acquisition of aerial photography, LIDAR, remote sensing, photogrammetric mapping compilation, soft-copy photogrammetry and related spatial and digital mapping products used for input in GIS, CADD, LIS and AM/FM databases.

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