Regulatory Branch


Published Dec. 21, 2020
Expiration date: 1/20/2021

The Bank Sponsor seeks approval from the Mitigation Bank Review Team (MBRT) which is composed of representatives from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to establish the WFI Holdings-B LLC Umbrella Mitigation Banking Program within the Upper Kaskaskia (07140201), Middle Kaskaskia (07140202), Lower Kaskaskia (07140204), Shoal (07140203), Big Muddy (07140106), Upper Mississippi-Cape Girardeau (07140105), Cache (071401408), Cahokia-Joachim (07140101), The Sny (07110004), Peruque-Piasa (07110009), Lower Illinois (07130011) and Macoupin (07120012) watersheds/HUCs, in the State of Illinois.  The twelve watersheds/service areas encompass all or portions of the 40 counties within the St. Louis District, in South and Southwestern Illinois.  WFI-Holdings-B LLC (program sponsor) proposes to create, maintain, and protect diverse wetland, stream and aquatic systems that provide habitat for wildlife, and perform many of the functions of naturally occurring aquatic systems found in this region. Some of the primary functions and qualities that mitigation banks within the WFI-B UMBP are intended to provide are improved water quality, flood control, aesthetics, species habitat, and a source of groundwater recharge and discharge, among other benefits. In addition, the bank sites will potentially serve as recreational and educational areas for the communities in which they are developed. In addition to the many natural function’s mitigation banks within the WFI-B UMBP will provide, they can be used to provide a reliable source of compensatory mitigation for anticipated adverse impacts to jurisdictional waters and wetlands located within the WFI-B UMBP’s geographic service areas.


The Public Notice comment period opens December 22, 2020 and closes January 20, 2021.