Published June 27, 2019
Expiration date: 7/19/2019

The applicant, St. Charles County Highway Department, seeks authorization to discharge fill material within waters of the United States as part of a proposed roadway alignment construction project near Wentzville, Missouri. The purpose of the project is to provide connectivity to the new interchange at I-70 to properties within the surrounding communities. The David Hoekel Parkway #1 (DHP #1) improvements include a one mile extension south of Interstate 70 to connect South Point Prairie Road and Interstate Drive. The extension includes a 0.5 mile extension of Interstate Drive to the east. The project requires a new bridge over Peruque Creek, three new intersections, and sidewalks on David Hoekel Parkway and Interstate Drive. The project is designed to accommodate a future five-lane section with construction design currently being developed for the interim two-lane condition. The proposed roadway would impact 0.59 acres of forested wetland habitat adjacent to Peruque Creek and 0.07 acres of open water habitat near the future junction of DHP #1 and the Interstate Drive extension. Approximately 324 linear feet of Peruque Creek would be impacted by the construction of a bridge structure. DHP #1 alignment alternatives have been analyzed and researched by the applicant to avoid and minimize potential impacts to waters of the United States. A detailed alternatives analysis has been submitted by the applicant’s agent. They believe the remaining impacts are unavoidable and are proposing to participate in an approved in-lieu fee mitigation program and an approved mitigation bank for stream impacts and forested wetland impacts respectively. The Public Notice comment period opens on June 27, 2019 and closes on July 19, 2019.