Regulatory Branch


Published June 8, 2018
Expiration date: 7/1/2018

Southshore Marina Inc. seeks reauthorization to hydraulically dredge approximately 8,000 cubic yards of accumulated sediment and sand from within their existing boat basin A and basin B, back to its original constructed depths. The original permit was issued November 3, 2009, but has since expired. The purpose of the project would be to remove sediments and sand that have been deposited within the boat basin due to the fluctuation of the water levels within the Mississippi River. Authorization to conduct periodic dredging activities would ensure an adequate depth for safe boating and provide Southshore Marina members access to their boat slips as well as the river itself. All dredged material would be deposited back into Dardenne Slough, a side channel of the Mississippi River, via an eight inch discharge pipe. Dredging needs and frequency are dependent on the Mississippi River’s fluctuation and deposition patterns.  Due to the unknown schedule of dredging needs, Southshore Marina Inc. seeks a 10-year permit authorization to allow periodic dredging on an as needed basis.


Dredging activities would occur within the existing Southshore Marina boat basins A and B. The marina is located along the right descending bank of Dardenne Slough, a side channel of the Mississippi River, at river mile 226.9, approximately three miles north of St. Charles, in St. Charles County, Missouri.


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