Regulatory Branch


Published April 30, 2018
Expiration date: 5/18/2018


- The applicant seeks authorization to conduct grading and piping operations within waters of the United States, for the purpose of a residential development.  Project impacts include the piping enclosure of Tributary A (approximately 590 LF), the grading and fill of Tributary B (approximately 470 LF), and stormwater discharge of Tributary C (approximately 40 LF).


Location:  The proposed project site is on a 19.92 acre tract comprised of undeveloped property, which contains three wooded drainageways with open uplands. The site is located at 2659 South Old Highway 94, St. Charles, Missouri. More specifically, at coordinates 38.7574,-90.5503, in Section 10, Township 46 North, Range 4 East, St. Charles County, Missouri.



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