Published April 9, 2018
Expiration date: 5/1/2018

Westwood Country Club proposes to conduct bank stabilization on Deer Creed and two of its unnamed tributaries.  The stabilization will address bank erosion, which has damaged or threatens to damage golf course greens, fairways, and other infrastructure.  In addition to damaging the course property, the applicant has stated that the erosion has caused unstable bank conditions, which present a safety hazard for maintenance equipment, golf carts, and patrons.  The stabilization activities generally consist of the installation of longitudinal peak stone toe revetment, in combination with bank reshaping.  The project also includes limited installation of rock vanes to redirect the channel thalweg.  According to the application, following construction the banks will be revegetated using sod and cool-season grasses, or native warm-season grasses and shrubs.  The planting palate will depend upon the location within the site (fairway, green, rough, or natural area).  The project will impact approximately 945 linear feet of Creek 2, 920 linear feet of Creek 8, and 615 linear feet of Deer Creek.