P3063 to P3065

Published Sept. 20, 2017
Expiration date: 10/11/2017

WATCO Companies, LLC., seeks authorization, under Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act, to establish (3) additional Barge Fleets just downstream from their current fleeting facilities at the Cora Barge Terminal. The three new fleets are referred to as Wagner Fleet, Mid Fleet and Roman Fleet, respectively.  The fleets are to be located at approximate river miles 97.3 to 96.6 along the left descending bank. These fleets are proposed to be configured consistent with, and similar to, the existing upstream fleets in terms of size, clearance from passing navigation, and local switch vessel operations. They are to be secured by barge crews to a spar barge that is permanently moored by a buoy anchor system. Each respective proposed fleet will be secured at the upstream end with two Bow Anchor Piles, with additional support from Side Mooring Piles.


The proposed terminal is approximately 12 miles southeast of Chester, near Illinois Route 3, in Randolph County, Illinois.  Specifically, the project is located on the Rockwood USGS quadrangle map, Latitude 37.79 and Longitude -89.66, Township 06 South, Range 09 West.


Written comments must be submitted by replying by electronic mail or written mail to the addresses shown in the signature block, below. The Public Notice comment period opens on September 20, 2017, and closes on October 11 , 2017.