Regulatory Branch


Published July 3, 2017
Expiration date: 7/18/2017
Cahokia Acres, L.L.C. proposes to build a truck to barge transfer facility to transfer grain and similar products. A truck dump pit would be constructed near the existing Cahokia Acres facilities. Products would be transported from six dump pits onto two conveyor belts to be transferred into barges. The barges would be placed on either side of a loading dock in the river. Cahokia Acres would also construct a barge loading dock consisting of four captive barges, held in place by a center loading tower, and upper and lower pipe tripods. The four captive barges, each measuring 35 feet wide by 195 feet long, would form an approximate 800 feet long by 35 feet wide captive dock. Figures 2 and 3 below show the project concept and configuration.