President’s budget includes $121.8M for St. Louis District civil works projects

Published Feb. 4, 2015

President Obama’s proposed Fiscal Year 2016 budget transmitted to Congress includes $4.732 billion in gross discretionary funding for the civil works program of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Of that sum, the budget provides $121,839,000 for a variety of St. Louis District projects, including $500,000 to study the Kaskaskia River Watershed in Illinois and $28M to the Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program.

"The 2016 Civil Works budget for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reflects the Administration's priorities to support and improve the Nation's economy, protect the American people, and restore our environment," said the Honorable Jo-Ellen Darcy, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works. "This Budget supports the core mission areas of coastal and inland navigation, reducing flood and storm risks, and restoring aquatic ecosystems. It also advances other priorities through targeted investments to make our communities more resilient to climate change and result in project-related benefits such as hydropower, recreation, water supply, and the clean-up of federally-contaminated lands.

“The Budget enables the Corps to responsibly carry out its important missions, while advancing key Administration initiatives to increase renewable energy production, reduce greenhouse gas impacts, combat invasive species, and increase community resilience in the wake of natural disasters.” said Darcy. "The Budget continues to reflect the tough choices necessary to put the country on a fiscally sustainable path.”

The FY16 funding for St Louis District Projects includes:

Investigations – $1,200,000
• $700,000 for St. Louis Riverfront
• $500,000 for Kaskaskia River Basin Restoration

Construction – $3,425,000
• $50,000 for E. St. Louis
• $1,275,000 for Chesterfield, MO
• $50,000 for Regulating Works
• $2,000,000 for Melvin Price
• $50,000 for Wood River Levee, IL 

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) – $84,702,000
• $5,837,000 for Carlyle Lake
• $8,813,000 for Cannon Dam
• $1,826,000 for Illinois Waterway
• $50,000 for Inspection of Completed Environmental Projects, IL
• $3,648,000 for Kaskaskia River Navigation
• $6,208,000 for Lake Shelbyville
• $22,226,000 for "Upper" River
• $24,487,000 for "Lower" River
• $1,000 for SEMO
• $5,606,000 for Rend Lake
• $6,000,000 for NAGPRA

Mississippi River and Tributaries (MR&T) – $4,512,000 for Wappapello Lake

In addition to the release of the President's Budget, USACE announced anticipated allocations for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2015, providing $5.483 billion in FY15 appropriations for the Army Civil Works program with the St. Louis District's total anticipated allocation of $150.7 million, including $32.5M for FUSRAP; $3.6M for Chesterfield, Missouri levee construction; $1.7M for Bois Brule; and $2.9M for construction on the Cape Girardeau, Missouri flood wall.

For a full breakdown of the FY15 allocations and the President's Budget for FY16, visit, and

The FY 2016 Civil Works budget press book is available at, under the heading Program Budget: Press Books.