Wappapello Lake Water Safety Success Story

St. Louis District Public Affairs
Published July 21, 2014
Reach, Throw, Row, Go for Help!

Reach, Throw, Row, Go for Help!

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers St. Louis District Park Ranger John Daves assisted two individuals who were having trouble in the water at Wappapello Lake, July 12.

While responding to an unrelated report at Peoples Creek Beach, Daves heard a yell for help and spotted two individuals struggling in the water. Daves immediately ran toward the beach and instructed other swimmers in the area to throw something that floats to the individuals in trouble. As two other swimmers entered to help the individuals, Daves spotted a life jacket lying on the beach from the Wappapello Lake Loaner Station and he instructed another visitor to throw it to the struggling swimmers as he controlled a crowd of people who wanted to go in and help.

Once both victims were safely on shore, Daves spoke with them about the importance of wearing a life jacket. He showed them where the life jacket loaner station was located on the beach and helped fit them with a life jacket.

Everyone was shaken up by the incident but very thankful for the help and quick action of Ranger Daves.

Remember these four basics steps to help someone who is struggling in the water: Reach, Throw, Row, Go for Help!