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  • It’s time to update what you know about Wood River’s levee system: a brief history and timeline of the system

    Initially organized in 1910, the Wood River Drainage and Levee District protects approximately 20,000 individuals and industry, transportation infrastructure, and 13,700 acres valued at $1.5 billion within Madison County. Over the past century, many things have made this infrastructure the resilient system it is today, protecting portions of Alton, East Alton, Wood River, Roxana, Hartford, and South Roxana.
  • Corps of Engineers completes reconstruction work on Wood River levee

    The St. Louis District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers completed reconstruction work on the Wood River levee system Sept. 15. The project focused on updating and repairing all of the above ground features of the Wood River levee to reduce flood risk and protect the public using the best engineering solutions.