Tag: low water inspection
  • Corps of Engineers invites public aboard the largest diesel towboat on the Mississippi River

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers St. Louis District will provide two opportunities for no-cost public tours aboard the region's largest diesel towboat, the Motor Vessel MISSISSIPPI, at two ports in early August. For safety and COVID-19 concerns, groups will be limited to 10 with a maximum limit of 80 visitors allowed onboard at any time while all will be required to wear a mask and temperature checks may be required.
  • Mississippi River Commission schedules low-water inspection trip

    The Mississippi River Commission (MRC) will conduct its annual low-water inspection trip on the Mississippi River Aug. 7-18, 2017. Four public meetings have been scheduled aboard the Motor Vessel MISSISSIPPI in selected towns along the river so commission members have the opportunity to meet with local partners, stakeholders and residents to hear their concerns, ideas and issues.