Team of responders updates Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon

Published June 7, 2013

A sense of "team" and a united effort was expressed at a meeting between Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, local partners and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers today in West Alton, Mo. 

The area saw three levee over toppings as the water rose to the 4th highest level on the St. Louis gage in recorded history. The flood waters in the West Alton area drove residents from their homes and flooded farmlands and roads as river levels rose over the height of levees at the confluence of the flooded Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

The Corps deployed more than 80 engineers and technical experts throughout the region to coordinate with local officials and partners and provide technical expertise and supplies prior to water overtopping the levees. 

"This has really been a team effort," said Lt. Col. Aaron Wolf, St. Louis District deputy commander. "We have been with our partners from the day water started to rise, and we will be by their side as the water continues to fall." 

The Corps continues to send geotechnical and other engineers to monitor the levees as the water recedes, as well as emergency operations personnel to affected areas as the flood crest moves through the lower part of St. Louis District toward the confluence with the Ohio River. 

Once river levels are low enough, local levee districts in the federal levee rehabilitation and inspection program can start the process of partnering with the Corps on repairing the levee damage resulting from the floods.

For updated information and forecasts, visit the USACE St. Louis District Flood Fight page:

Mike Petersen

Release no. 13-053