Reservations for Camping During the Annual Indian Creek Halloween Walk will be Accepted starting June 5th

Published June 4, 2013

Mark Twain Lake – Indian Creek Campground at Mark Twain Lake will again be the site of Mark Twain Lake’s annual Halloween Walk.  This year’s event will take place October 18th & 19th, 2013.  While October seems like a long way off, reservations for camping during that weekend will be accepted starting at 9:00am Central Standard Time on June 5th.  Reservations will not be accepted through the project office.  Reservations can be made through the centralized reservation system on the website at or by calling toll free at 1-877-444-6777.  This is the same process used for making camping reservations throughout the regular camping season.  Before making reservations, please notice a few changes that have been made for the 2013 event noted below.


Once again, three camping loops will be available for reservations- Fox, Eagle Point and Nighthawk.  People making reservations in either Fox (sites 96-122) or Eagle Point (sites 123-177) loops will be required to decorate for the event.


 An individual making reservations will be allowed to make a total of four reservations per call or web transaction.  Please keep in mind that each site will need to have a separately assigned name to it.


Change for 2013:  The Mark Twain Lake Chamber of Commerce will be charging an admission fee of $5.00 per vehicle for each night of the event to help provide park visitor safety services for the event and other incidental expenses related to the event.  The charge will be applicable to the hours of the event each night (Fri. Oct. 18th from 6pm-9pm and Sat. Oct. 19th from 4pm-9pm).  Only registered campers who have paid a camping fee and show their correlating hang tag will be exempt from this charge.  The charge will not be taken at the fee booth but rather at the entrance to the East Campground, where the majority of the event takes place.  Having exact change upon approaching the event will help expedite wait time and reduce long lines at the entry point.


 Change for 2013:  In an effort to help reduce congestion on Saturday the 19th of the event, the Fox and Eagle Point loops will be closed to drive through traffic starting at 4:00pm until 9pm.  The loops will be closed to traffic at the same times as in previous years for Friday the 18th of the event, 6pm-9pm, to accommodate those trying to set up on Friday before the event.


Although it is not required, many of the campers provide candy to the children that trick-or-treat from site to site during the event.  Please keep in mind that throughout the weekend last year, we had over 4,800 people in attendance for this event with a large percentage of those attendees being children.  Any candy that is given out must be commercially wrapped.


If you need additional information, please contact the Mark Twain Lake Project Office at 573-735-4097 or email us at
Mark Twain Lake

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