Delayed Opening of Facilities at Lake Shelbyville

Published April 2, 2013
Lake Shelbyville – All the fish cleaning stations managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Shelbyville will be delayed in opening this year. The recreation areas in which the fish cleaning stations are affected follow: Spillway East, Dam West, Opossum Creek, Coon Creek, Lone Point, Whitley Creek, Wilborn Creek, Forrest “Bo” Woods and Lithia Springs.

At this time it is not known when the fish cleaning stations will be available for use. Updated information concerning opening dates for the fish cleaning stations will be provided when available. The delay in opening these stations is twofold, below freezing temperatures and uncertainty on the fiscal capabilities of the Lake Shelbyville Project. The below freezing temperatures should disappear soon and the fiscal capabilities for the rest of Fiscal Year 2013 should be known in the near future. When the fiscal capabilities are known the managers will make further decisions on what will be available for visitors this summer.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will continue to ensure public safety when planning. We acknowledge these opening delays will inconvenience visitors, but we hope to open services for the visiting public when it’s possible. The Corps of Engineers has endured challenges in the past but remains committed to delivering value and providing recreation opportunities to the local area and the nation.

For additional information please contact the Lake Shelbyville Project Office at (217) 774-3951.

Phil Manhart

Release no. 13-27