USACE Lake Shelbyville
Published Dec. 19, 2022
Updated: Dec. 19, 2022

For Immediate Release:
19 December 2022
Release No.: 23-06

Lake Shelbyville – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is currently performing annual routine maintenance to the Government’s boundary line around Lake Shelbyville. With the leaves gone from the trees, this time of year is ideal for inspection. If you are an adjacent landowner to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers property around Lake Shelbyville, you may observe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers employees walking along the boundary line behind your house. They will be replacing worn or broken boundary signs and posts and painting trees on the eastern portion of the boundary line where woodlands are on both sides of the boundary line. Trees along these portions of the line will be painted at breast height with an orange, 4-inch horizontal stripe around the entire trunk of the tree. Spacing will be from 25 to 50 feet between painted trees depending upon visibility. This will help the visiting public to differentiate between government and private property. This work is expected to be completed by February 2023.

For further information about the boundary maintenance around Lake Shelbyville contact Natural Resource Specialist Cory Donnel 217-774-3951 ext. 7001.



Release no. 22-123