Silt build up closes Costello Lock

St. Louis District
Published Aug. 23, 2022

ST. LOUIS – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District, Jerry F. Costello Lock closed to traffic on August 19 when it could no longer close its downstream miter gates due to silt and debris build up on the lock sill and chamber.

Contracted divers were utilized to remove underwater obstructions, but the issue with the gate persists.

Crews from the St. Louis District’s Motor Vessel Pathfinder will be on site today to excavate silt that is preventing the gates from properly closing.

“Our goal at the Jerry F. Costello Lock and Dam is to maintain reliable navigation to the region. After assessing the findings of the dive inspection, the St. Louis District’s Mechanical Dredging crew is actively working to safely reopen the lock as soon as possible,” Courtney Wilson, Operations manager for Carlyle Lake and Kaskaskia River Project said.

The Jerry F. Costello Lock and Dam (formerly the Kaskaskia Lock and Dam) is located on the Kaskaskia River at the confluence of the Mississippi River at river mile 117. Traffic on the river varies from barge traffic carrying grain, slag, coiled steel, etc. to small recreational pleasure crafts. The Lock and Dam also provides an opportunity for safe harbor for those wishing to tie off away from the Mississippi River.

St. Louis District Public Affairs Office

Release no. 22-067