Published Nov. 2, 2021

Mark Twain Lake, November 2, 2021 – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is announcing the installation of new automated fee collection machines at the following recreation areas:  M.W. Boudreaux Memorial Visitor Center, David C. Berti Shooting Range, Ray Behrens, Robert Allen, South Fork, Stoutsville, Indian Creek, Spalding  Beach/Day Use, and Spalding Boat Ramp.  The automated fee collection machine will accept credit/debit card transactions only; no cash or coins are accepted.  An individual may elect to purchase a USACE  daily pass for $5 per day or an annual pass for $40.  If you chose to purchase a daily pass, you shall place the receipt face up on the vehicle’s dashboard.  If you purchase the annual pass, you will have to redeem the receipt for an annual pass by stopping at the M.W. Boudreaux Memorial Visitor Center within fourteen days of purchase.  The annual pass will expire one year from the date of purchase and are honored nationwide. 

You may also elect to have the USACE annual pass mailed to you.  If you  decide to do this, please mail the receipt to the Mark Twain Lake Project Office, 20642  Highway J, Monroe City, Missouri 63456; upon receipt, your annual pass will 

be mailed to you (make sure to include your mailing address). The David C. Berti Shooting Range, located in the Warren G. See South Spillway Recreation Area, offers different options than boat ramp day use passes.  You can purchase a daily pass for $2 per shooter per day, $5 maximum per vehicle per day, $20 per commercial vehicle per day, or $40 annual pass. Fees at the John Spalding Beach are similar to the range, you can either pay $2  

per swimmer per day, $5 maximum per vehicle per day, $20 per commercial vehicle per 

day, or $40 annual pass. 

If you are in possession of one of the America the Beautiful Passes (Senior,  

Access, Military, 4th Grade, Volunteer, and Federal Recreation Lands Passes), you may  

be exempt from having to pay day use fees. Registered Corps campers do not have to  

pay day use fees as well. You can either purchase one of these passes at the M.W.  

Boudreaux Memorial Visitor Center or on-line at 

The seasonal hours for the M.W. Boudreaux Memorial Visitor Center are daily 9 a.m. to  4:30 p.m. until Nov 21 and then weekdays 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday  beginning November 22.  Make sure to call 573-565-2112 to confirm the center is open before  making a special trip, as there could be brief unexpected closures due to staffing conflicts.

Mark Twain Lake Project Office
20642 HWY J, Monroe City, MO 63456

Release no. 22-016