Lake Shelbyville Adopt-A-Flower Bed Program

Published March 20, 2019

For Immediate Release:

20 March 2019

Release No.: 19-13


Lake Shelbyville Adopt-A-Flower Bed Program


Have you ever wanted to have your own flower garden? The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) at Lake Shelbyville is looking for individual or groups that would be interested in adopting a garden space, for free! The program is a volunteer-based activity where area volunteer groups or individual can “adopt” and maintain designated sections of flowerbeds located outside the Lake Shelbyville Visitor Center.

The flowerbed should be adopted for one complete growing season (tentatively May-September). Adoptees may either be an individual or a group, however groups must identify one person to be the contact person to communicate with USACE liaison. Planting is restricted to only those areas identified by Lake Shelbyville Staff. Sign up is on a first come, first served basis.

Adoptees will be required to remove and dispose of litter and weeds, visit the site frequently to ensure good health of plants (suggested weekly or bi-weekly), install mulch provided by the USACE, select what plants are needed for their adopted garden section (all plants will be provided by USACE), plant and move plants that are approved, and water and monitor plants. With this new program we want to create a beautiful space with a variety of different plants that will attract pollinating butterflies/bees and even different species of birds. If you know of any local gardening groups, scout groups, horticulture clubs, FFA groups, or even unaffiliated individuals that would be interested in this program please have them contact Park Ranger Erica Nabers at (217) 774-3951, ext. 7004

Ashley Florey
Erica Nabers

Release no. 19-032